Financial Protection, Life Assurance, Critical Illness & Health Cover


Trading since 1987, we at BFS Co are committed to providing all our valued customers with:

  • Independent Financial Protection Advice. We offer totally independent protection advice. We offer life policies from a very wide range of insurers for non-investment Pure Protection, Comprehensive Critical Illness Policies or Permanent Health (Income Protection) Policies.  We are not restricted to the Life and Comprehensive Critical Illness companies we can approach. 
  • Best Advice. We will search the entire financial protection market to ensure you are provided with the best unbiased financial protection advice to suit your needs.

We can offer advice to protect your income for you and your family, against incapacity and death.

  • Life Assurance including Level Term Assurance, Mortgage Protection Assurance, Keyperson Assurance, Relevant Life Cover (which is tax efficient for those owning their own Limited Company) and non-investment Whole of Life Cover. We have a simple price promise to all our valued clients – we offer the most appropriate life assurance that's right for you. 
  • Critical Illness Cover on the most comprehensive basis.
  • Permanent Health Assurance (Income Protection). We can offer bespoke policies subject to your requirements.
  • Trusts. Trusts can avoid tax and can avoid lengthy delays in the monies being paid out.  Trusts can ensure the monies are paid to the very person you want to receive them in the event of your death.  Various Trust arrangements exist and we can assist with their completion in accordance with your instructions. Be Financially Secure recommends trusts are considered.